Amber Teething Jewellery: An Overview

Amber Teething Jewellery: An Overview

2nd Oct 2020


When the babies start entering teething stage, night becomes so long for moms. They should deal with babies’ fussiness due to painful teething symptoms. It is true that teething symptoms vary widely among babies, but what moms need are the same: solution. If you are a mom who seeks the best solution too, amber teething jewellery could be the good one to consider. Let’s talk more about it.

Teething Symptoms

Before talking further about amber teething jewellery, it is better to know more about the symptoms of teething. There are several conditions which can be used as clues to determine whether your babies are in their teething stage. Drooling and crankiness are the two popular symptoms and could happen few weeks before the first tooth emerges.

However, there is a more important and obvious symptom of teething: a tendency to chew whatever seen and hold due to the pain and itch on the gums. Unfortunately, babies never care about what they chew, whether it is dangerous or not, including gold jewellery worn by their moms. Instead of putting the babies at risk, why don’t we try to find the better and safer alternative?

Why Amber?

For years, amber teething jewellery has been widely used as an alternative of teething remedy for babies. We offer the great benefits of amber healing properties in the form of necklace and bracelet. Amber has calming and warming properties which is truly useful on releasing tension and irritation, the two most common things happened to baby during teething phase.

Along with great benefits, you will be impressed by the designs brought to you too. So it is not only about function, but also style. Get the best piece for you and your baby right now!