Nowadays, when many of us pay ever more attention to the footprint we leave on this planet and all its living creatures, including us - humans, we realize that every conscious choice we make stands for what we care and what we choose to create.

Therefore, in MARAMBRA we choose to bring back and offer NATURAL and CLEAN products for the well-being of our little ones and us - adults, adding a modern final touch to what nature already offers us generously.

Our journey began with selling Baltic amber teething and healing jewellery and since then we continuously search, test and expand our collection of quality natural products to combat teething pain.



We are here to help you. Teething can start very early and may last up to three years. We know how special these first years are…and we want this time to be as memorable as possible. We hope our essential teething products will help you and your baby to the fullest - and that the teething phase will be a very brief and unnoticeable episode in your little one’s life. 


We offer two types of natural remedies to assist your baby through the teething phase:

·BALTIC AMBER TEETHING JEWELLERY for sustained calming effect

Baltic amber is recognized as an effective natural energy bio stimulant, that soothes the nervous system and eliminates all sorts of aches, including pain caused by teething. Amber jewellery produces its sustained effect by being in contact with baby’s skin, not by chewing on it. 

·NATURAL ORGANIC TEETHING TOYS for immediate relief 

Teething babies are chewing babies. They put everything into their mouths. That is why it is so important to know exactly what is in your little ones teething toys. Many mass produced teething products contain endocrine disturbers and have been linked to developmental issues in children as well as increased risks of cancer and other health problems. In MARAMBRA we offer only products that are safe, effective and contain no nasties.

We also offer HEALING BALTIC AMBER JEWELLERY for ADULTS who seek to improve their health and overall well-being with natural remedies, that have no negative side-effects. Baltic amber strengthens the blood vessels, stimulates the movement of the lymph, spinal cord and intercellular fluid. It is recommended for people suffering from low blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts and retinal dystrophy. Baltic Amber is a natural stimulant that recharges human energy, stimulates hair growth, makes the skin healthier and soothes the nervous system.