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Wise and caring parents love our amber bracelets/ anklets for children, not least because they are uncompromisingly authentic and safe. All of our  Bracelets are handcrafted from 100 % authentic Baltic amber. Every gem we use is imported from the Baltic amber mines where the little wonders of nature are extracted from the depths of the Baltic Sea. The beads are designed with your baby's safety as a paramount consideration.

Only highest Quality Amber: 50 % Richer and higher in Value: At Marambra we never compromise with quality. And we always hunt down the best amber specimens on the market. All of our amber beads are handcrafted from premium, meticulously selected amber gems that are 50 % richer and higher in value than what usually passes as high quality. This makes our products much more beautiful and powerful. Avoid cheap offers: it's probably pressed amber, copal or even fake!

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Amber for Kids

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