Discover the Elegance and Quality of Marambra Amber Necklaces 

Our genuine amber necklaces are a favorite among wise and caring parents who prioritize both style and safety. Designed with durability and your Kid's well-being in mind Crafted from meticulously selected premium Baltic amber gems, our handcrafted necklaces offer exceptional beauty and power.

We take your baby's safety seriously, and our natural gemstone beads are designed with utmost care. Each amber necklace is made from certified and genuine Baltic amber, chosen for its exceptional quality. In fact, our amber gems are 50% richer and higher in value than what is typically considered high quality.

While using an amber necklace, we recommend supervising your kid. Additionally, these necklaces can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Simply double-wrap the necklace around the ankle and secure it with the screw clasp. Placing a sock over the foot ensures that the amber necklace remains in place and keeps warm. With the screw clasp and double knots securing each bead, you can trust that your baby won't easily remove the necklace.