Keep baby's teeth healthy

Keep baby's teeth healthy

5th Aug 2020

Healthy teeth are something essential for baby and parents must take responsibility for this need. Sadly, healthy teeth is often related merely to regular brushing and considered to be the one and only solution available. The explanation below will complete your reference list.

Healthy baby teeth can be maintained by providing your little ones with nutritious foods containing vitamins and minerals. Make sure to fulfil their needs of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Vitamin C is the most important one of all to promote healthy gums.

Another thing to do to maintain healthy teeth is limiting sugar intake. It is probably really difficult to avoid sugar, thus limiting the consumption is the best solution to consider. In one day, don’t serve sweets to the baby more than once, especially foods with refined sugar.

For fluoride, moms should pay serious attention. When using fluoride toothpaste, don’t be more than a rice-grain size smear. This rule should be followed until the baby reaches three years old. Keep in mind that too much or too little fluoride could lead to few problems, including tooth decay. Consulting with the dentist about the needs of fluoride for your baby, therefore, would be the best thing to do.