Sizing - How to Measure



How to check if length is suitable - Please measure wearer

Please note that all of our measurements are taken from the end of one clasp to the end of the other. It includes the full item with clasps.

Anklets: The easiest way to measure is with some string. It should fit so that you can slide your little finger under it, but not so it slides off the foot. The string can then be measured next to a ruler to determine the size needed.

Bracelets: Please measure the same way as anklets or measure an existing bracelet you have. Amber bracelets must cling to your wrist but they must not be too short because then wearing bracelet will be painful to wear. If bracelet is too long, then it will not be fit for wearing because you can easily lose it.

Necklaces: Adults - Measure an existing necklace you own or again use string. Children - Necklaces must not be too long but also not too tight. The easiest way to measure is to take a piece of string, again and measure the desired length around their neck and then measure against a ruler.

For safety the necklace must not be too long so it could come off or get tangled. It is also advisable that they do not chew it.


Anklet / Bracelet aprox.sizes :

12cm / 4.75"     Very tiny newborn Baby

13cm / 5.1"       Newborn - Baby

14cm / 5.5"       Standard Teething Baby (6 months)

15cm / 5.9 "      Baby - Standard Toddler

16cm / 6.3"       Preschool/Big Kid

17cm / 6.7"       Tween/Teen


Necklace aprox. sizes:

28cm / 11"       Newborn - 6 months     

30cm / 11,8"    5 months - 24 months

32cm / 12,5"    6 Months - 3-4 Years    

34cm / 13,5"    PreSchooler     

36cm / 14.2"    Elementary age child 

38cm / 15"       Primary school


Help! My child's anklet/bracelet is too big and keeps rolling off!

  • It won't be long until your little one grows and the anklet will be a perfect fit. In order to bridge that gap without returning, there are some things that you can do...

If you only have one anklet or bracelet you can cut the top off the child's sock and place it over the anklets to hold them in place. This will also stop the child pulling them or rolling it off as that will cause the safety feature to snap.


  • If both anklets you have purchased are too long, you can add both to the ankle but weave them - under and over as pictured.




  • If really really big. You can use a small ribbon (Like the ones you find in the shoulders of your tops to hang them up). Attach the ribbon by knotting on one side. Add to the ankle, attach the other knot to the surplus and tie. Bingo!


Help my child's Baltic amber anklet is too small!

All our anklets are knotted/strung tight to prevent stretching or sagging.

When they arrive with you, there won't be much 'give' so they may appear slightly smaller than ordered. 

Measure tight on the ruler as that is how we measure them to mimic being worn. If they are 0.5/1.0 centimetres out, you can stretch them slightly.

Do not hold by the clasps while stretching as they will break off (safety clasps).

Find the knots in the middle and gradually tug on each one until the desired size is found. If that doesn't work, please return.

If you have upgraded from a smaller one to the next size up, then you can screw the old anklet to the new anklet and wrap around the ankle. Both pieces can then be worn rather than sitting in a memento box. This can also be done if you bought two sizes and one is too small and one is too big.

Please always use under supervision in case the items still fall off. If none of the tips work, you can still return/exchange by following the return guide on our website. Always use safely and keep ribbons and small items away from small children.