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Raw material – natural amber, obtained in the Baltic Sea region. It has formed within 50 million years of fossilisation from resin of pine trees. JLU Technologies has developed a technology to produce composite amber threads. It contains amber preparation – grinding up to nano-structured powder. Final particles are round with smooth shape. Thanks to amber-shaped particles, we are able to produce amber composite threads, preserving original biological properties of Baltic amber.Particles are evenly distributed in polymer matrix which is the basis of threads.


  • Unique product that has no analog in the world
  • Contains natural energy enhancers
  • Has a regenerative effect on skin cells
  • Threads have smooth and soft surface
  • Has natural colour and transparency of amber
  • UV radiation blockage
  • reserves the natural heat of human body
  • High water absorption
  • Does not fade, keeps original color
  • Does not cause skin irritation or skin reaction