Terms of use

Use of the SHOPMARAMBRA website and internet shop requires the acceptance of the following conditions. By entering SHOPMARAMBRAš website you bind yourself to these terms of use. Use of the website or the internet shop is not permitted if you do not accept all of these conditions.SHOPMARAMBRA has at all times the right to change these terms of use by updating them.

Description of the service
These terms of use apply to the use of the internet service produced and maintained by SHOPMARAMBRA. SHOPMARAMBRA’s internet service (hereafter referred to as “Service”) consists of information in the webpages contained therein and an internet shop.

Use of certain parts of the SHOPMARAMBRA Service requires registration. By registering into the SHOPMARAMBRA Service the user confirms that he is aware of the terms of use and commits himself to adhere to them. The user guarantees his awareness and acceptance of each of these respective conditions when using these services and ordering these products. The user binds himself to the use of SHOPMARAMBRA’s website service in accordance with the law and with good practice. The Service is free of charge.

Right of use of published material in the Service
The SHOPMARAMBRA Service may be used only for personal, not commercial, purposes. The user may not benefit from the Service or any part of the Service in any other way without the permission of SHOPMARAMBRA. All rights pertaining to the Service, including copyrights, belong to SHOPMARAMBRA and/or to its business partners. SHOPMARAMBRA's Service and all the parts contained therein are protected by copyright in accordance with copyright law.

Service use restriction
Users under the age of 18 or those otherwise deemed as lacking legal responsibility do not have the right to make purchases or other legal transactions in the SHOPMARAMBRA Service.

The user chooses for himself a username and password in the internet shop for use in either booking cabins or buying permits. The user may use the same log-in details for future transactions. The user takes it upon himself to ensure that his username and password remain in his own confidentiality. The user takes responsibility for all use of the Service which involves his username and password. The user can update his personal details himself.

Processing of personal details
The processing of the personal details of registered users is detailed later in this document in the description of the Register. SHOPMARAMBRA does not gather information about individual users concerning other use of the website.

Service production and maintenance 
SHOPMARAMBRA reserves the right to improve and in every respect change the contents and structure of the Service, its range of products and data, its programs, hardware, editorial content, service times and other aspects of the Service. SHOPMARAMBRA strives to inform the user in advance either through the Service or through other means it considers appropriate of events in the Service, changes to the Service which are important for the user and any interruptions in the Service. Changes come into effect as soon as they have been technically implemented. SHOPMARAMBRA takes responsibility for the data content of the Service.

Liability for damages
SHOPMARAMBRA accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages suffered by the user as a result of any interruptions or other disturbances in data communication, delays in data transfer, changes to data or loss of data, which may be caused by technical faults, maintenance or installation work.

Entry into force of and changes to the Terms of Use
These terms of use come into force at the moment of updating (see end of document) and remain in force until further notice. SHOPMARAMBRA reserves the right to change the terms of use by publishing new terms of use in the www.shopmarambra.com internet service. The new terms of use come into force from the time at which they are published in the internet service.

The updating of these terms of use does not affect internet transactions, which take place before the moment of updating. Such transactions are subject to the terms of use in force at the time each respective transaction is made.

Dissolution of contract
Either party may at any time end the contract. The user may end the contract by requesting that SHOPMARAMBRA remove his personal details. The surrendering of the right to use the Service does not free the user from his obligation to make any payments pertaining to Service transactions to which he contractually bound himself before surrendering his user rights. SHOPMARAMBRA retains at all times the right if it so wish to discontinue the Service either entirely or in part. In this event SHOPMARAMBRA will inform its users of the discontinuation of the Service beforehand via the Service itself or through whichever other means it considers appropriate.